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Edwige Gilbert is a Published Author of “The Fresh Start Promise: 28 Days to Total Mind, Body, and Spirit Transformation". She also is a Wellness/Stress management Coach and Founder of New Life Directions. For over 30 years she has worked with individuals and groups, conducting seminars, retreats and lectures around the world. Her forte is teaching people how to transform Stress into Success, clear unwanted habits, and live healthier and happier lives with Joie de vivre. French for Joy of life. She is the creator of “La Nouvelle Yoga” and “La Nouvelle Workout. She presently offers an Online course on GenconnectU.com entitled “How to handle stress for a joyful and balanced life” and she also has recently released a video entitled “28 days to turn stress into strength” available on www.newlifedirections.com

She has been featured on Lifetime TV (“The Balancing Act”) on national radio and in such magazines as New York Magazine, Personal Excellence, Woman’s World, American Health, Allure, and Women’s Fitness. Edwige holds certifications in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (N.L.P) Hypnotherapy, Substance abuse counseling, Behavior Change, Yoga and Qigong. Some of her clients include, MTV, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, the Corcoran Group, Expedia, Pritikin weight loss center, Unit 4, the Alzheimer’s Association to name a few

Edwige has created a unique blend of Eastern and Western techniques such as life-coaching Yoga and hypnosis. She believes in the integration of physical, mental and spiritual elements which guide individuals to discover their unlimited energy resources and become the person they always wanted to be: strong focused, confident, and filled with Joie de vivre (french for Joy of life). She believes in developing vision and maximizing strengths to reach peak performance. Her transformational methods integrate mind, body, and spirit.


Develop self-confidence through a conscious awareness of positive thoughts and beliefs.


Find balance through a balanced diet and a combination of movements that maximize everyday energy, strength, and rejuvenation.


Tap into subconscious inner resources to reach full potential through specific visualizations and self-hypnosis techniques

Engaging the Subconscious Mind to Manifest Permanent Change
Requires an Intelligent Sequence...

The sequence for using these strategies is taken from her "7 Tips to Maintain Emotional Balance and Create Joie de Vivre."

1. Clear your mind of anxiety and other unwanted emotions with the Dexxtra Technique.

2. Imagine the way you would like to be with the Screening Room Technique.

3. Become Calm, Centered and Connected with the 3C's mindful meditation.

4. Create courage and strength with this declaration: "I Can! I Do! I Will!"

5. Install healthy self-esteem, declaring "Victory to me!" To become your inner coach instead of your inner critic.

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September, 2008
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Yoga Instructor
Sivananda Yoga Center,
Nassau, Bahamas
Qigong Instructor
Healing Tao Center,
New York, NY
Aerobic Exercise Instructor
American Council
on Exercise (A.C.E)
Associate Trainers in
Clinical Hypnosis, Syosset, NY
Substance Abuse/
Alcoholism Counselor
Marymount Manhattan College
Health and Fitness Instructor
American College
of Sports Medicine
N.L.P Practitioner
New York Training Institute
for Neuro-Linguistic
Programming (N.L.P.)
Weight Management
American Council on Exercise
Bachelor of Arts
in Humanities
University of Nice, France

Behavior Change