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individual programs

Dexxtra Technique

A fun, easy and breakthrough technique to clear unwanted emotions in minutes at any time and in any place.

The complete practice is regularly priced at $95. For the next 7 days only, you can have this stress buster technique for only $19.97. Just imagine that, for the price of an ordinary lunch, you can own this exclusive breakthrough tool, that you can use in every stressful situation and for the rest of your life. Original cost $24.95 | Special Rate for 7 Days Only $19.97

28 Day Fresh Start Program
4 Sessions, 4 Weeks
Via phone, Skype, or in person

An in-depth service which provides individuals with intense supervision to assist them on their transformational journey. This program is highly recommended for individuals stuggling with chronic weight issues and sabotaging habits. The 28 Day Fresh Start Program is also recommended for individuals with health challenges and chronic depression.

WEEK ONE: a 90 minute initial consultation to discuss the individual's challenging issue and create a vision for the desired change and new healthy habits.

WEEK TWO: a 60 minute session to practice the fundamental " Clear and Create" formula and to provide life-coaching and wellness counseling (such as nutrition and energy).

WEEK THREE: a 60 minute session to introduce DEXXTRA practice for emotional balance and well being.

WEEK FOUR: The last session – offering a customized MP3 recording to ensure the success of the 28 Day Fresh Start Program.

Original cost $600 | Special Introductory Rate $545


Accelerated Fresh Start Program
2 Sessions – 90 Minutes Total
Via phone, Skype, or in person

The First Session - 60 Minutes:
Will focus on identifying your unwanted habit. New breakthrough techniques will be introduced to activate a healthy mental and emotional conditioning for your success.

The Second Session - 30 Minutes:
Will offer customized hypnosis to assist you in reaching your desired goal. It averages between 15 and 20 minutes and is recorded as an MP3 format. This recording can be used anytime, any place and needs to be heard every day for 28 days, so that it will create a new subconscious programming for your desired change and for tangible results.



Original cost $245 | Special Introductory Rate $195


two gifts

Why 28 Days?
According to neuro-science at least 21 days is a necessary timeframe to create a pathway to the brain linked up to the new positive behavior and the last seven days are used to strengthen the new conditioning for lasting change.

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I had a few problems I could not solve, even with the most popular Coach or Doctor. Then Edwige came into my life and it was a revelation! She was able to help me thanks to her sense of empathy and unique skills. Thank you Edwige for giving me renewed strength, self confidence and great hope in the future.
–Christina Corbett, Delray Beach, Florida

"I was always procrastinating about things in life for example school, work and things about my self. I would like to thank Edwige for helping me throughout my difficulties. With her help, I learned how to manage myself and now I am able to act without procrastinating. Thank you again.
–Charles Auguste, 17 years old, Montreal, CA

It was fate that I met Edwige.I love the innovative approach she took to providing me with guidance. Edwige really took the time to get to know me and we delved deep into my psyche in order for her to figure out which positive words and memories resonated with me. Armed with that information, and based on our discussion, Edwige created an amazing personalized guided meditation just for me. She tapes the meditation and sends you a link so you can have it on your phone, which is great, because then it’s always accessible. I’ve been listening to the recording twice a day since I received it. I found myself frustrated the other day, but thought of the tape and practiced a technique from there. It was amazing to be able to fall back on.
Edwige is a genuinely warm and caring person and a true inspiration and anyone would be lucky to work with her.
–Jennifer Weinberg | Director of Marketing Communications Pritikin Longevity Center

I felt drawn to the energy and calmness of Edwige the first time I met her.Our conversations turned to deep discussions about life, positivity and exploring inner strength and resilience.  I have found her guidance very helpful and comforting when facing adversity. She has a very positive influence on me and thus, those around me.
–Susan Keldie, Nurse Practioner

After trying without success to reach my target weight, through exercise and nutrition alone, over the past ten years, I started Edwige's Fresh Start program. Beyond my wildest expectations, this program helped me lose the weight, and even drop more weight beyond my targeted goal ---all effortlessly. As you can imagine, I wholeheartedly endorse the Fresh Start program!
–Karen Alter-Reid, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

Edwige helped me during a difficult job transition moving from working for a Fortune 10 company to creating my own business. Thanks to Edwige's unique program I was able to develope a successful vision of my new life. I could not have successfully transitioned without her guidance.
–Patricia A. Gorton, MBA - Creator, 'Anatomy of a Risk' Corporate Training Courses

With Edwige’s FRESH START program, I was able to overcome 20 years of negative patterns, and I understood how to replace them with healthier activates that change my life.
Mohand Sidi Said, VP, Pfizer

After working closely with Edwige I had a major break through. Since then, I live free of debilitating anxiety that plagued me for years, and I have now the clarity to successfully pursue my dream career.
–Jean Callaci, Career Coach, NYC

I finally made the call to Edwige because she was so highly recommended. I did not believe that the Fresh Start program, including meditation and visualizations, could help me lose weight. But I believe now, after having lost 10 pounds in only six weeks.
–Arlene Weissberg, The Corcoran Group, NYC

I have been playing golf since the age of four. Although I always believed I was talented, I felt that something was holding me back from being a great golfer. It took a total of 30 minutes on the phone with Edwige to feel like a different person. I am now confident and ready to manifest my full potential.
–Kim Augusta Professional Golfer, South Florida

All I have to say about my adventure with the Fresh Start program is that it has changed the way I look at life. This has been very positive for me and my family. I am very grateful to Edwige. It was so easy to discuss anything that we needed help with. Edwige has so much to offer  everyone because of all her past education and experiences.
-Marlene Katzman, Wycliffe Golf and Country Club, Wellington, Florida

I have enjoyed your seminar very much, and in many ways has changed my life. I realized that I needed to stop putting myself at the bottom of the list. I now understand that my feelings count and  that I am worthy of focusing on ways to be happy. I have decided to give your books to friends who are going through challenging times and who need a Fresh Start. Thank you Edwige.
-Fayette Toren, Wycliffe Golf and Country Club, Wellington, Florida

I am extremely grateful for Edwige Gilbert and her Fresh Start Promise program. She gave me the necessary tools to de-stress and revitalize my joie de vivre. Now, I am positive, unstoppable, and ultimately, remarkable!
-Sarah Griffin, 26
Edwige’s gift helped me reawaken my vibrant inner self. Through her mindful techniques, I now choose to focus on the positive. Edwige’s methods helped me curb my detrimental eating habits and in the process I lost 15 lbs without trying. Her relaxation techniques also helped me to restore an inner calmness I thought I had lost. My mind and body are in a more calm and peaceful place because of her.
–Catherine Dore, West Palm Beach, Fl

A gifted and enthusiastic teacher, Edwige guides her students toward self discovery and self improvement using simple and practical exercises rooted in time honored traditions. She helped me cast off my unproductive pattern of thinking and behaving. Edwige’s program freed my spirit, created a new vision of a life filled with joy. Read the book, take the course, follow the plan. Edwige is there, urging you onward in the most encouraging and empowering way.
–Karen Hough, Palm Beach Gardens, Fl