The Fresh Start Promise - Techniques

1) Do worries just pop into your head and refuse to leave?
2) Do you find something to worry about even when things are going well?
3) Does thinking about your job or relationship keep you awake at night?

4) Do you smoke, fidget, or bite your nails?
5) Do you have an issue with food such as eating too much or too little?
6) Do you have physical symptoms from stress such as headaches, stomach aches, or frequent colds?

7) Do you feel life is a struggle?
8) Are you constantly vigilant, afraid that something bad will happen?
9) Are you afraid of change or new experiences?

Interpreting Your Results: Number of "Yes" answers:

0-3: You have normal concerns and are not a serious worrier. But you can achieve results from the Fresh Start Program to discover you heart's desire and pursue a new life direction.
4-6: You would benefit from using this program to examine your thoughts and behavior patterns.
7-9: Take action now!

I, __________________________________ recognize that:

I am a unique individual with a special purpose.

I am meant to have a rich and fulfilling life.

I am worthy of respect and self-respect.

I have within myself gifts, talents, strengths, and unrealized potential.

I create unconditional love and acceptance for myself.

I can choose a kind and caring attitude toward others.

I am capable of making my dreams a reality.

Therefore I will:

Be clear about my purpose.

Be kind and loving toward myself and others.

Look within for spiritual intelligence and guidance.

Look at every challenge as an opportunity to further my dream.

Discard outdated, counterproductive, and anxiety-producing ways of thinking.

See myself victorious.

Rely on myself, not others, to transform my life from the inside out.

Be open-minded and adventurous.

I will pursue my goals with clear intention and honesty. I am willing to do the work required to transform my attitude and my life. Nothing and no one can stop me from manifesting my vision of the person I desire to be.


For the Mind:
To Achieve Calmness
For the Body:
To Increase Energy
For the Spirit:
To Reach Your Goals
3 Cs Technique
Dexxtra Technique
Guided Meditations
Qigong Practice
Alkaline/Acidic Diet
Screening Room

The 3 Cs


The Screening Room

Calm. Centered. Connected. The
3 Cs meditation is the fundamental practice for clearing the mind. This meditation technique must be done every day in order to faciliate permanent change.

The practical discipline and special exercises that combine physical-conditioning, breathing, and meditation to enhance your circulation of the Chi. Its object is to regulate internal energy, filling areas of the body that are energy depleted and draining those that are blocked.
"Act as if you were, and you will become.” This self-hypnosis practice uses creative hypnosis that generates compelling vivid images of the specific future you desire.

In today’s challenging world, people are suffering more than ever from stress. As the outside world is providing less safety than ever, it is of paramount importance to learn how to achieve strength and peace from within. Unfortunately, emotional health has often been neglected. As we know, negative emotions affect our health to a great degree and in many ways. It robs us from our vitality, attacks our immune system, and contributes to restlessness and anxiety. As a result of this awareness, Edwige Gilbert, author of “Fresh Start Promise” and life coach, created Dexxtra.
What is Dexxtra? Dexxtra is an accelerated emotional release formula at your fingertips. Dexxtra offers an innovative “anywhere/anytime” technique combining four major modalities. It incorporates east/west principles of energy flow and mind-body connection; including ancient Chinese medicine, Shiatsu, Chakras, self-hypnosis and affirmations. With Dexxtra, the goal is to manage our emotions instead of our emotions managing us. The process is unique, as these four powerful systems have been synthesized to create a new methodology and transformative experience.

What is the goal? Re-pattern your brain and create a new emotional conditioning - transform your inner critic into your personal coach. Effortlessly release blocked feelings, restore balance, dissolve stress, and activate the body’s own ability to restore its vitality and strength.

Who is Dexxtra for? It’s ideal for everyone needing to transform stress into strength - from teenagers, overeaters, business people to health-care professionals to fitness professionals, etc. Dexxtra is great for short breaks at the workplace, assisting in patient healing, and providing a new tool kit that will help both instructors and students. If you are already familiar with the benefits of “Energy Psychology”, such as Quantum K or Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), you will love Dexxtra!

The process only requires 5 fingers and less than 10 minutes! Please contact me if interested and I’ll be happy to let you know of the upcoming Dexxtra events in your area.
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